Playback toolbar

The playback toolbar appears at the bottom right corner of the screen during test execution. It displays the list of running harnesses and their running statuses, and allows you to pause, resume, or terminate the harnesses.

The playback controller contains of the following items:

Keyboard shortcuts for the playback toolbar are not supported on the Linux platform. For the full list of TestArchitect-supported keyboard shortcuts, refer to the Table of keyboard shortcuts.

Naming convention for harnesses

The name of a harness is formed by combining the result name with the timestamp and request ID:

<Result name> (<timestamp>)- <request ID>

If a harness' name is too long to be displayed fully, hover your mouse over this harness to view a tooltip of its complete name.

For example:

MultipleReservations (2018-07-03 11.09.47)- bmmtiq0jok0f


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