Table of keyboard shortcuts

You can use shortcut keys to perform lots of different tasks quickly or to work without a mouse.

The following are the primary key substitutions on the Windows keyboard, and their macOS equivalents.


Test editor

The following table describes shortcuts used to work on a test editor:

Comment selected action line(s)F8F8F8
Uncomment selected action line(s)Shift + F8 + F8Shift + F8
Select all text in the test editor windowCtrl + A + ACtrl + A
Copy selected itemCtrl + C + CCtrl + C
Paste content from the clipboardCtrl + V + VCtrl + V
Insert a single line into the editorCtrl + I + ICtrl + I
Insert several empty lines, then move the cell pointer three lines downCtrl + Enter + EnterCtrl + Enter
Insert a new test case at the current position (test modules only)Ctrl + T + TCtrl + T
Clear text in selected cell(s)Ctrl + L + LCtrl + L
Reformat test moduleCtrl + R + RCtrl + R
Cut itemCtrl + X + XCtrl + X
RedoCtrl + Y + YCtrl + Y
UndoCtrl + Z + ZCtrl + Z
Insert copied cellsCtrl + Alt + I + + ICtrl + Alt + I
Fill downCtrl + Alt + F + + FCtrl + Alt + F
Delete selected cell(s)DeleteDelete
Save an itemCtrl + S + SCtrl + S
Open a selected item in an editor windowF3F3F3

Working with item tabs

The following table describes shortcuts used when working with item tabs.

Close the current item tabCtrl + W or Ctrl + F4 + W or + F4Ctrl + W or Ctrl + F4
Reopen the last item tab you’ve closedCtrl + Shift + T

+ + TCtrl + Shift + T
Select item tab #1 to #8Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8 + 1 through + 8Ctrl + 1 through Ctrl + 8
Select last item tabCtrl + 9 + 9Ctrl + 9
Go to item tab to the rightCtrl + TabN/ACtrl + Tab
Go to item tab to the leftCtrl + Shift + TabN/ACtrl + Shift + Tab

Cell pointer navigation

The following table describes shortcuts used to navigate cell pointer in a test editor.

Move the cell pointer up, down, left and rightArrow keysArrow keysArrow keys
Advance the cell pointer to the next cell in the column on the rightTabTabTab
Move the cell pointer left to the previous cellShift + Tab + TabShift + Tab
Move the cell pointer up one pagePage UpPage UpPage Up
Move the cell pointer down one pagePage DownPage DownPage Down
Move the cell pointer left one pageCtrl + Page UpN/ACtrl + Page Up
Move the cell pointer right one pageCtrl+ Page DownN/ACtrl + Page Down
Move the cell pointer to the cell in column A of the current rowHomeHomeHome
Move the cell pointer to the last cell that has data of the current rowEndEndEnd
Move the cell pointer to the first rowCtrl + HomeN/ACtrl + Home
Move the cell pointer to the bottom of the editor (three rows below the last line) to continue adding action linesCtrl + EndN/ACtrl + End
Enter or edit action linesEnterEnterEnter
Move the cell pointer up to the previous cellShift + Enter + EnterShift + Enter


The following table describes shortcuts used when working with debugger.

Open the Debug Test dialog box to start execution in debugging modeF4F4F4
Step IntoShift + F5 + F5Shift + F5
Step OverShift + F6 + F6Shift + F6
Step OutShift + F7 + F7Shift + F7
Insert or remove a breakpointCtrl + Alt + BN/ACtrl + Alt + B

Other actions

Show HelpF1F1F1
Refresh the TestArchitect explorer treeF5F5F5
Start Action RecorderF6N/AF6
Start Interface ViewerF7F7F7
Execute testF9F9F9
Show/hide the explorer treeF10F10F10
Check in selected definitionF11N/AF11
Check out selected definitionF12F12F12
Open the Find & Replace dialog boxCtrl + F + FCtrl + F
Open the Search dialog boxCtrl + H + HCtrl + H
Open the New {definition} dialog boxCtrl + N + NCtrl + N
Open the New Folder dialog boxCtrl + O + OCtrl + O
Open the Execute Test dialog boxCtrl + F9 + + F9Ctrl + Shift + F9
Open the Check in dialog boxCtrl + F11 + + F11Ctrl + Shift + F11
Show/hide the playback toolbar during an automated testCtrl + Alt + SN/AN/A
Terminate a running harnessCtrl + Alt + TN/AN/A
Terminate all the running harnessesCtrl + Alt + AN/AN/A
Pause or resume a running harnessCtrl + Alt + PN/AN/A
Show/hide the Running status window during the automated testCtrl + Alt + RN/AN/A
Exit TestArchitect ClientAlt + F4 + F4Alt + F4

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