Revision rollback

The rollback feature restores the status of an older checked in revision of any project item to the current working revision.

To roll back to a previous revision of an item:

  1. Right-click the item in the TestArchitect explorer tree that you wish to perform a revision rollback on, and click Revision History.

    Alternatively, you can select Revision History from the context menu at the level of a project. This method, however, displays all revisions of each available project item.

    In the Revision History of <project item>:<item name> dialog box, a revision history of the selected item is presented with each line item displaying the timestamp (the date/time of check-in), assigned version (linked variation), project name, item type, item name, who checked it in and check-in comments.

    • Previewing a rollback allows you to see whether or not your rollback will do what you intended – because if not, you can cancel it without any impact on the current working item. To preview a rollback, in the Revision History of <project item>:<item name> dialog box, select a rollback, then click the View button.
    • While viewing the item’s history, you can click Refresh to update the history list.
    • Click the Next 100 button: a list of the next 100 revisions is then added to the dialog box. This button is disabled if there are no further revisions.
  2. In the dialog box, select a revision of the item to which you want it rolled back, and click the Roll Back button.

  3. In the Roll Back dialog box, enter a comment for the rollback revision and click OK to roll back to it.

    The rollback cannot be undone.

A copy of the rollback revision is checked in to the repository as the latest revision, with your new comments assigned to it.

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