You can directly edit the value of a field in a test module list view.

Editable fields fields of test modules listed in test module list views can be edited directly. Where applicable (that is, in the case of modifying a test module’s Name field) the change is propagated to all references to the changed item, in a process called name change propagation (see Name change propagation).

  1. Open the test module list view.

    For example: On the TestArchitect explorer tree, double-click the Tests node.

    The test module list view appears in the main panel.

  2. Select a test module in the test module list view.

    For example, Calculation.

  3. Double-click an editable field of the selected test module (for example, the Name field), or press F2 on the keyboard.

    The selected field becomes the active cell, and editable.

  4. Enter the new data.

    For multi-line fields, such as Notes, Description, etc., press Alt + Enter to insert new lines within the cell.

  5. Press the Enter key to complete the change.

The field is edited and updated. If it is a Name field, name change propagation replaces all references to it with the new name.

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