Importing a source file into a data set

How to import data from a single external source file into a TestArchitect data set.

  1. In the TestArchitect explorer tree, right-click the Data node in your project, and then select New Data Set.

    Fastpath: Ctrl + N

  2. In the New Data Set dialog box, enter the details for the data set:

    • Name: Name to be assigned to the data set.
    • Description: (Optional) Short description for the data set .
    • Data source file: Click to browse to the external source file to import its data into the data set.
    1. Select an external source file in the Select dialog box.

      • You must have full read permissions for the external source file.
      • TestArchitect only supports the import of two file types: .csv and .txt files. The files must contain tab-delimited text lines.

    2. Click Select.

  3. Click Create.

A new data set with data imported from the specified external source file appears as a node beneath the Data node. The row actions are also automatically generated in the first column of the imported data.

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