Managing automation lab

A Lab Manager session displays and monitors all those TestArchitect controllers that are registered to the session.

One should note that, while a Lab Manager session may monitor any number of controllers, a controller may be registered to only one Lab Manager session at any given time.

Registration may be handled from either end: that is, you may register a controller to a Lab Manager session from within Lab Manager, or self-register the controller, which means, perform the registration from the controller itself.

Lab Manager toolbar
The Lab Manager toolbar consists of several buttons for managing the controllers/devices, test runs, and the display.

Registering controllers
How to register a controller from Lab Manager.

Self-registering a controller
A controller can register itself with a Lab Manager session.

Special note regarding porting virtual machine images
Lab Manager allows for the seamless transport of a cloned controller.

Registering devices
Registering a device from within a Lab Manager session.

Controller status
You can view, within a Lab Manager session, the current status of each registered controller, including the results of test runs (both after-the-fact and in real time) and other information. You can also abort tests on individual controllers, and remove controllers from the session.

Device status
In a Lab Manager session, you can view the current status (in real time or after-the-fact) of each registered device, and mark devices for removal or test termination.

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