Configuring ZBots and installing ZIPs

In order to execute TestArchitect test cases or test modules from Zephyr, a Zephyr Bot (ZBot) agent is required to form the link between the Zephyr server and the TestArchitect Client on your machine. Additionally, a custom TestArchitect ZIP project must be deployed on the TestArchitect Client machine.

TestArchitect-Zephyr integration supports the following versions of Zephyr.

To install a ZBot agent and deploy a custom TestArchitect ZIP project, carry out the following procedures:

  1. Install Zbot.

    1. Check if your machine meets these requirements.

    2. Follow these instructions to download and install Zbot. (Learn more.)

  2. In TestArchitect Client, select Tools > Plug-ins > ZBot Configuration.

  3. On the ZBot Configuration Plug-in dialog box, click and browse to ZBOT_HOME_DIR.

    For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\ZBot.

  4. In the ZBot Configuration Plug-in dialog box, click OK to install the plug-in.

    If one does not already exist, TestArchitect automatically creates a folder named plugin. This folder stores the plug-in and configurations needed to form a link between the Zephyr server and your TestArchitect Client.

  5. Start the ZBot service manually:

    1. Go to ZBOT_HOME_DIR\bin and double-click the Zbot.bat batch file.

    2. A command line window appears indicating that ZBot started successfully.

      Leave the command line window open on your machine; otherwise, the ZBot process is terminated.


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