Importing Quality Center tests into a TestArchitect test module

Tests residing in Quality Center can be imported into TestArchitect. Each Quality Center test is mapped automatically to a test case in TestArchitect.

Ensure that the machine hosting the TestArchitect repository server has the HP ALM Connectivity Add-in installed, to allow for integration and synchronization between TestArchitect and HP Quality Center.

Ensure that you have already taken the following steps:


TestArchitect relies on test modules that are typically developed and executed as standalone units. Each test module is comprised of a sequence of test cases. By contrast, the standard unit of test development and execution in Quality Center is the test, which more closely corresponds to a test case in TestArchitect than a test module. Hence each uploaded TestArchitect test case takes the form of a Quality Center test. In general, the following correspondences are used when moving test assets between the two systems:

TestArchitectQuality Center
Test folderFolder (with subfolders representing TA test modules)
Test moduleFolderOptionally, a ‘#’ test (QC test with ‘#’ prepended to the name) may also be created to hold essential test module metadata.

Test caseTest

You have two options when importing tests from Quality Center to TestArchitect:

Importing a Quality Center test
A test in the test plan of an HP Quality Center project may be imported into an existing TestArchitect test module, generating a new test case in the module.

Importing a Quality Center folder
A folder in the test plan of an HP Quality Center project may be imported into an existing TestArchitect test folder, generating new test modules and/or test folders.

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