TestArchitect Client can be configured to your requirements with a large collection of customizable features.

You can set your TestArchitect Client preferences in the Preferences dialog box by selecting menu Edit > Preferences

Additionally, you can open the TestArchitect Docs directly from the Preferences dialog by clicking the question mark in the top right of the dialog.

1. General

This tab contains the general settings for working with TestArchitect Client \

1.1 Startup Settings

1.2 UI Settings

1.3 Analytics and Improvements

2. Editor

This tab contain all the settings related to TestArchitect Editor.

2.1 UI Settings

2.2 Others

3. Results

This tab contain all the settings related to TestArchitect Results.

3.1 UI Settings

3.2 Others

4. Network

Network options for working with TestArchitect

4.1 Proxy Settings

If you integrate TestArchitect Client with a third-party tool such as Azure DevOps, TFS,… an internet connection is required. If you are on a local network, you need to configure Proxy in TestArchitect Client to connect to the Internet.

Proxy Settings are disabled by default. If you want to use Proxy settings you need to enable them manually.

5. Advanced

Advanced options for woking with TestArchitect.

5.1 AutoArchive

5.2 DiffMerge

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