Capturing screenshots during test execution

With screenshot recording active,TestArchitect captures screenshots during test execution for each UI-interactive action. Depending on your settings, it retains some of these screenshots and logs them to the generated test result.

To capture screenshots during test automation, carry out the following steps:

  1. Launch the Execute Test dialog box.

  2. Under the General tab, select the Screenshot recording check box.

  3. In the Keep picture set for each section, specify which types of test outcome events the associated screenshots are to be retained for. The possible screenshot-logging events are:

    • Passed: passed checks
    • Failed: failed checks
    • Warning/Error: automation warnings and errors
  4. In the Keep box, specify the number of UI-interacting actions preceding each screenshot-logging event whose screenshot sets are to be logged to the results. (With screenshot recording enabled, the minimum is 1. By default, three screenshots sets are retained.)

    • If this field is left empty, TestArchitect captures and logs screenshots of all UI-interacting actions.
    • Only integer values above 0 are accepted.
  5. Click the Execute button to run the automated test.

During test execution, TestArchitect captures screenshots in accordance with its rules, then, based on your settings in the Screenshot recording panel, logs the qualified screenshots to the generated local test result. Screenshots may be viewed in the Result Details tab once you’ve enabled their display:

  1. On the web browser, click on the Result Details tab.
  2. Click the Option drop-down button, and ensure that Show recorded screenshots is enabled.


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