Testing desktop applications

With TestArchitect, you can test desktop applications created with various technologies.

See the subtopic corresponding to your application type.


For power-saving purposes, computers are often configured to go into a non-active state (such as sleep) after a certain period of inactivity. By default, the processes associated with automated testing are typically not treated as “activities”, in this sense. Hence, for long execution runs, especially unattended ones, it is important that any machines serving as test controllers be configured not to lapse into any non-active mode during the test period. (Typically, your computer’s power policy is configured through its Control Panel, System Preferences, or command line, depending on the platform. For details, see your system administrator or information specific to the machine’s operating system.)

TestArchitect Register Server
Ensure the availability of TestArchitect Register Server service before starting automated tests to avoid the possibility of automation errors or failure.

Testing .NET applications
Information specific to .NET application testing.

Testing WPF applications
Information specific to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application testing.

Testing Java applications
Information specific to Java application testing.

Testing Win32 applications
Information specific to Win32 application testing.

Testing Oracle Forms
You can use TestArchitect to test Oracle Forms applets embedded into a web page.

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