control condition wait


The maximum wait time for TA properties to satisfy the conditions of the control condition setting.

The TA properties and their conditions are defined in the control condition built-in setting.

Value Units


Default Value


Applicable Built-in Settings

This built-in setting only takes effect when it is used in combination with the control condition built-in setting.


Suppose that you’d like to test a flight booking web page with the following steps:

  1. Click control departure, an input-text, to select a departure date.
  2. Once the departure date is selected, the page enables control arrival, also an-input text, after a certain amount of time.
  3. Subsequently, click arrival to select an arrival date.

Normally, the test procedure you declare may not handle the timing issue when the arrival control is enabled after an amount of time. Consequently, during automation playback, there is a possibility that, although the arrival control is not yet enabled and visible, UI-interactive actions still interact with that control, which might cause the automation to fail.

Let’s define the readiness state of input-text controls (visible=true, enabled=true) by using control condition, along with the wait time by using control condition wait.

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