Failure/Error Summary tab

This section displays all failure, error, or warning encountered during the test run.

The contents of Failure/Error Summary are organized into a tab when the test results are viewed on a web browser; whereas they are organized into a sub-section when the test results are viewed on the TestArchitect Client.

Exploring this tab exhibits a list of the failures with the following fields:

In the following, the term failure is used as a shorthand for failure, error or warning.

Table 1. Failure/Error summary

LineThe line number in the test where the failure occurred. Clicking on the line number text opens the Result Details tab, displaying the corresponding line in its execution context.
TypeThe type of failure (Error, Warning, or Failed).
DetailsDisplays the action line that caused the failure, the proximate cause of the failure, and the system message, if any, associated with the failure.
ScreenshotClick the captured screenshots to launch the screenshot viewer to view the screenshots of UI-interacting actions.
ActionThe action responsible for the failure. Click the action name to view the corresponding action line in the Result Details tab.
Test caseDisplays the ID and title of the test case where the failure occurred. Click the test case number to view the corresponding test case in the Result Details tab.

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