Exporting and importing tests

Test module folders, test modules and test cases can be exported to files in variety of formats (for example, .ZIP, CSV, or .HTML) for archiving purposes or viewing in other applications. These files can also be imported into TestArchitect.

Exporting to .ZIP file
A test module can be exported to a .ZIP file, which can be used as a backup or for re-importing.

Importing from .ZIP file
You can import a test module into TestArchitect from an archive .ZIP file.

Exporting to CSV files
Test modules and test cases can be exported to CSV files, which can be used as backups or for re-import.

Importing from CSV files
You can import test modules or test cases into TestArchitect from CSV files.

Exporting to an HTML file
The Tests node and test module folder can be exported to an HTML file, which can be viewed on any browser.

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