Automatically removing old log files

Log files may take up a lot of hard disk space over time. Therefore, TestArchitect offers you a mechanism to automatically delete old log files.

By default log files older than seven days will automatically be deleted; but you can change the number of days by doing the following:

  1. Browse to the following folder:

    • In Windows: %SystemDrive%\Users\Public\LogiGear\TestArchitect\controller.
    • In Linux: /usr/local/logigear/testarchitect/controller.
  2. Open the abt.ini file in a text editor; Notepad++ is recommended.

  3. Find the line that begins with days to keep run data and change its value to the desired number of days.

    The value must be a positive integer. As long as you set an invalid value (negative number or zero), the default value (7) will be used automatically.

  4. Save the abt.ini file.

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