Frequently asked questions

Common user questions and answers designed to provide you with a better understanding of TestArchitect and related concepts.
What is TestArchitect?

What is Action Based Testing?

Is TestArchitect a replacement for my current test automation tool?

Does TestArchitect support data-driven test automation?

I’m already doing test automation. Why should I use keyword-driven test automation?

Is TestArchitect used only for test automation?

For what types of tested applications can TestArchitect be used?

What skills are necessary to use TestArchitect?

How does my organization get started using TestArchitect?
Is there training available for learning how to use TestArchitect?

Are there implementation services available for TestArchitect?

How can I run a test on multiple systems concurrently?

Can TestArchitect or a script be used to spin up guest OS images (virtual machines) under VMWare or MS Hyper-V, and/or remotely install the TA software and license? Can this be part of the INITIAL section for a test module?

What happens when you have a serial synchronous test fail on one controller: do you have the option of continuing or stopping the test execution?

If you have a use deputy action with parallel set to yes, does that mean the test can continue and start other use deputy blocks and a use lead block? How are the completions of the two (or more) deputy blocks synchronized? It looks like the wait for deputy action might be used ?

If you have a use deputy action with parallel set to no, does that assume the deputy execution is serial, meaning the test waits until the action lines associated with the use deputy are completed before moving on?

How can I have my automation use a browser other than Internet Explorer?

How can I select an item in a combo box by its content if the content is numeric?

How can I capture a screenshot on an iOS device?

iOS start program problem: no target application

iOS start program problem: device not connected

iOS start program problem: missing device libraries

iOS start program problem: wrong iTunes version

iOS start program problem: connection not established

Unable to use the Interface Viewer’s Auto Highlight tool on Android devices

Troubleshooting power outage-related problems
A discussion of typical issues you may experience after a power outage, and their solutions.

TestArchitect runs out of memory

Failure to register libraries during TestArchitect installation

Unable to run automation harness

Unable to run C# automation harness because of missing ‘csharp_harness.exe’ file

Disconnecting from Remote Desktop while executing automated tests
Explains how to restore a remote desktop session to the local console of the remote computer while you are executing automated tests on the remote computer.

Optimizing JVM parameters for TestArchitect performance
Java Virtual Machine (JVM) heap memory size can be expanded and shrink, according to your requirements for TestArchitect’s performance optimization. MaxHeapFreeRatio and MinHeapFreeRatio are the command line options available for this purpose in Oracle Java.

Issue with upgrading to TestArchitect 8.4

Java heap space encounters OutOfMemoryError

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