TestArchitect-Team Foundation Server Extensibility

The TA-TFS Extensibility feature offers you, by means of TestArchitect-supported API methods, the ability to extend and customize the environment for executing automated test cases.

For example, you may customize TA-TFS to allow a given test run to include test cases distributed across multiple repositories. The supported API methods are all declared in the TAIntegrationExtensibility class, generated during TA-TFS project creation.

TAIntegrationExtensibility class
The TAIntegrationExtensibility class provides template methods required for writing extensibility code for TA-TFS.

Supported extensibility methods offered by TAIntegrationExtensibility.cs
Lists the extensibility methods exposed by the TAIntegrationExtensibility.cs class.

How to declare customized extensibility methods
This topic describes about ways to declare customized extensibility methods.

Supported API methods in ITAExecution.cs
Lists supported API methods in ITAExecution.cs

Supported constant values in TAExecutionConstant.cs
Lists constant values of the TAExecutionConstant.cs class.

Workflow example of using TA-TFS Extensibility
An example of using TA-TFS Extensibility.

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