Lesson #11: Creating Excel reports using TAUtilities

TAUtilities provides a set of public APIs that perform interactive functions with TestArchitect items, such as retrieving a test module’s name or most recent result.

Audience: Automation engineers, Software developers, Test managers, Automation leads

Time: Duration: 30 minutes


  • Installation of TestArchitect Client
  • Basic understanding of how a TestArchitect interface is used
  • Familiarity with the TestArchitect test editor
  • Essential understanding of TestArchitect repositories, projects and tests
  • Some familiarity with programming languages which can interface with the Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) or Java

What you will learn:

  • How to process data queries between your application program and TestArchitect
  • How to utilize TAUtilities' APIs from application programs, such as Microsoft Excel™, to interface with TestArchitect items

TAUtilities overview
TAUtilities' APIs can be invoked from application programs that are based on Microsoft Component Object Model (COM) technology or Java. TAUtilities is a library which allows you to connect and retrieve data from a TestArchitect repository server .

Creating a summary report in Excel
Exporting TestArchitect data to Microsoft Excel™ is probably the most common use of TAUtilities. This topic focuses on invoking TAUtilities' APIs from Excel, a COM application program.

TAUtilities API reference
How to access the API specifications of the TAUtilities library.

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